System: Windows

GBA-TT is a tiles converter which support pcx files. It ouput GBA binaries that can be included in your games. I’ve used it since the early start of Rick Dangerous Advance so it’s pretty reliable.
It supports 16/256 colors tiles, sprites (1D mode),and even mode4.

Download GBA Tile Tool




Usage : 256 colors.pcx < bpp > [<-tile> <-w xx> <-h xx>]
-bpp can be -16,-256 encoding
-tile specify a tile generation
-w xx specify the sprite width  exprimed in tile (ex -w 1)
-h xx specify the sprite height exprimed in tile (ex -h 1)
-pal xx specify the first color for 16 colors tiles (only for sprites generation)
-gp2 specify a GP32 pal format generation

little examples :

16×16 sprites in 16 colors : gba-tt mysprite.pcx -tile -16 -w 2 -h 2
Background in 256 colors for mode0: gba-tt mybg.pcx -tile -256 -w 1 -h 1
Backgroung in 256 coloors for mode4: gba-tt mybg.pcx -256