Charles MacDonald’s PalDumper pcb design

paldumperAs you may not know, i’m really into old arcade games. Few times ago , one of my Sega Touring Car driver boards died. I tracked the problem to a secured PAL which didn’t work anymore. At that time, i sent a working PAL to Caius from for dumping and he delivered !! (thanks again!!). In the end, i was able to resurrect the driver board.

After that, i told to myself, that it would be cool if i was able to dump myself those PAL. so i decided to build Charles MacDonald adaptor And i took it as an learning project to design the pcb using Eagle.

Et Voilà 😉 Find everything on my GitHub

GitHub created for my projects

I created a GitHub for my open sources projects , and i’ll used it for my future projects.
So far, i’ve created a repository for:

And i added a old project of mine which can be useful to others megadrive programmers fellows : snasm68kdb
which is snasm68k compiler embedded in a dosbox which has been trimmed from his graphical component and is command line only.

Benefits are that it’s now able to runs on 64bits computers and can be ported to Linux or MacOS

Head over here for the GitHub



New version of Pascal-O-Rama

Raise from your grave !

The other day, i received in my mailbox a message from my isp saying that i need to upgrade my website to php 7 or they’ll start to charge me a ridiculous amount per month in order to maintain php 5. The previous version of the site was running since 2003 , which means centuries in the IT world

Off course upgrading to php 7 broke the complete site. So instead of re-inventing the wheel by writing a new site, i decided to upgrade the site with a CMS. After a week of work , “et voilà” !

I should have done this way earlier as that shotgun upgrade make my life much more easier 😉

Dangerous Xmas carts produced

Thanks to SimonB, we were able to produce one batch of 15 Dangerous Xmas cartridge.

Maybe it’ll become collectible . If not, we’re really proud of what we achieved with this game and we’d like to thank you all for your support and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

You can download the rom here

New release of Genitile

I spent some time rewriting from scratch my graphics conversion tool for the Megadrive called “Genitile” (hi bart). Now this tool can be useful 😉

I’m quite happy with the result. It uses plugins for outputting and reading data and is able to output tiles, sprites, maps, palettes and optimized tile sets. So far, the supported outputs are: snasm68k, xgcc, header files and binary. and the input pictures format can be pcx either bmp (256 colors). Have fun !

Get it here

SMS Plus DC V0.2 is out!

Finally it’s here ! sorry for the delay but i was waiting for the Dreamcast Demo Disc from Dreamcast scene. So Heliophobe and i are proud to present you Sms Plus v0.2 for DC.

Sms Plus v0.2 for Dreamcast

  • use of DMA texture transfer
  • added single game emulation
  • added paddle emulation
  • added preliminary ligthgun emulation
  • added favorite games saving
  • added CodeMaster game mapper
  • added Rapid fire
  • fixed 2 player in-game menu
  • corrected the 32 chars length games name mixed up
  • redone vmu handling, unfortunately now it’s incompatible with previous
    version. Please delete all the previous configuration files as i had to rename them for
    standardization. Save states and sram are concerned too :
  • 3D glasses faking
  • Some others i can’t remember 😉

Enjoy !