System: Sega Dreamcast

The ultimate Sega Master-System/Game-Gear Emulator for the Sega Dreamcast !

Finaly it’s here ! So me and Heliophobe are proud to present you Sms Plus v0.2 for DC.
This is an heavily optimized version of Charles MacDonald emulator.

Download SMS Plus DC from GitHub


  • No frameskip with sound
  • User friendly gui
  • 2 players support
  • Proper Pal support (tv output and emulation)
  • Voices emulation
  • Backdrop color painting
  • SRAM and game states saved on VMU
  • Screen adjustment different for sms and gg
  • Bilinear filtering
  • Great compatibility
  • 3D glasses faking
  • Snapshot preview in the gui (256 cols pcx)

Enjoy !