SMS Plus DC V0.2 is out!

Finally it’s here ! sorry for the delay but i was waiting for the Dreamcast Demo Disc from Dreamcast scene. So Heliophobe and i are proud to present you Sms Plus v0.2 for DC.

Sms Plus v0.2 for Dreamcast

  • use of DMA texture transfer
  • added single game emulation
  • added paddle emulation
  • added preliminary ligthgun emulation
  • added favorite games saving
  • added CodeMaster game mapper
  • added Rapid fire
  • fixed 2 player in-game menu
  • corrected the 32 chars length games name mixed up
  • redone vmu handling, unfortunately now it’s incompatible with previous
    version. Please delete all the previous configuration files as i had to rename them for
    standardization. Save states and sram are concerned too :
  • 3D glasses faking
  • Some others i can’t remember 😉

Enjoy !