System: Gameboy Advance

The man with the hat is back!

It’s a port of one of my all time favourite amiga game:”Rick Dangerous” from Core Design. The project has started for more than one year now, and is realized by a tiny group of friends : “Spoutnick Team” during our spare time. There, i was responsible for the GBA programming and some tools. The project discontinued, but was quite popular at that time, as we already get mentioned in specialised press like the UK Edge magazine and french one.

The start of the programming was a nightmare, as for being accurate, i’ve analysed most part of the game by doing frame by frame comparaisons.
I often got angry with the originals programmers 😉 But the result was worthing it, as it’s really exciting to see the game running on GBA. This game was done for being on an handheld !