System : Sega Megadrive / Genesis

The man with the hat is back !!

Will Rick Dangerous, intrepid Super Hero and part-time stamp
collector, survive his first mission in the Aztec temple of the tribe?
Should he do so, Rick will face new hazards in the Egyptian tomb and
the enemy fortress.

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Rick is equipped with
    This may be laid in order to trigger traps, blow away walls, enemies
    and generally do some damage, to allow our hero to continue his quest.
    This also has the added feature of being VERY DANGEROUS when lit, so
    our hero must get away from it as quickly as possible before it detonates!
    may be used to
    … this fires bullets!
    There will be a limit to the number of bullets that this holds. By
    killing a nastie a bonus may be left behind which when collected will
    replenish the supply. This means the player may have to go back and
    put himself yet again in danger. Use your ammunition wisely. Remember
    the gun is often a trigger to activate a trap, rather than to just
    kill the enemy.
    In avoiding traps be resourceful like Rick. The traps are devious. You
    may need your stick, gun, dynamite or simply your wits to survive,
    depending on the nature of the trap. There are no instructions as to
    how each trap is triggered or avoided so be careful – think ahead,
    things are not always what they seem …

It’s a faithful port of the Atari ST version. I’m still planning to produce one day a Cart version which will include several improvements like genesis controls and bonuses. I’d be interested to hear any good or bad comments at my email.

Enjoy and have fun